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This post is about the OLIMEX protoshield that I bought and assembled about a week ago.

Mfg Website: http://www.olimex.com/dev/proto-shield.html

The User Manual: Datasheet (.pdf)

It’s a funny story that this turned out to be a great alternative to the SparkFun Protoshield Kit I was going to buy for $17. The only reason that I have it now instead of the one from SparkFun is because I accidentally left it out of my order form when I submitted it, and I didn’t feel like going through he hassle of contacting customer service to change the order.

Anyway, the only issue I had was that it had two extra pins that wouldn’t fit the Arduino.

I ended up just clipping the two pins since they didn’t seem to have a necessary function. Works just the same without them. I also added a simple tiny breadboard so that I can do rapid prototyping and experimenting right on top of the Arduino.

This gives it a very simple and clean look AND function. Makes it easy to see exactly whats going on with a quick glance.

Definitely recommend one if you plan on working on more that one project at a time, as you don’t have to worry about matching up the pins correctly every time you switch over to a different project, simply attach a different shield and you’re good to go. Got mine from Mouser for $8, here’s the link to the product page.

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